Grow the IRA Or Qualified Plan Dollars Without Income Or Estate Tax

Grow the IRA Or Qualified Plan Dollars Without Income Or Estate Tax


Dear Ed,

Your training in how to present equity index annuities to retirees so that they appreciate their unique benefits has enabled me to place significantly more business. Your sales model meets the test of full disclosure.

I am pleased that you continually update current marketing strategies, and introduce new ones. Your weekly conference calls are very helpful. I benefit from having access to the network of other professionals who are faced with similar challenges.

I am particularly grateful for your continuing personal coaching service. I feel that I have in you a real expert who is committed to my personal success!

Julia S
Cincinnati, OH

Ed Lichtig (GSL Advisory) has helped us with many fantastic marketing ideas, such as:

1). Roth Conversion
2). Illustrating past performance of EIA's vs Stock Mkt. S&P Performance.
3). Showing me how to maximize commissions as long as it is good for the
client. (defer the annuity for five years and annuitize over the next five
years into another quality product)

Ed is willing to talk with you and share his great ideas. Give him a try!

Pete T.
Tallahassee, FL

I think your marketing ability is above any other group I've worked with and your annuity planning ideas are cutting edge stuff.

Scott F.,
Auburn, WA

I have never been associated with a marketing company that can come close to
comparing with GSL. Ed has developed sales ideas and strategies that he
shares with us and even educates and coaches us on how to use the
strategies. These are proven strategies and they are cutting edge and
powerful. He is constantly refining these ideas and developing new
strategies that he brings to our attention. He also provides us with back
office support to analyze the prospect's assets and investments and then
provides us a roadmap on what to present to the prospect, how to present it
and an actual plan to utilize in presenting the strategy to the prospect.
He has dedicated himself to our success to a degree I have never experienced
from a marketing company. Thanks Ed.

Steve B,
Austin, TX

"After 38 years in sales-Investments & Insurance- I thought I had seen it
all, until I contacted Ed Lichtig. Not only has he shown us a lot new sales ideas, he never stops looking. I try not to miss his calls,(and I am glad we can get them now even if we
miss) because I always learn something new. I can already see results!

Thanks Ed

Jim P,
Pueblo, CO


The creativity and ideas that you are bringing to the table for closing is great. Now it also seems that you have put the same effort into helping the agents generate leads and new markets for their business.

PS - Thanks for being a man of your word.

Jonathan A,
Tallahasse, Fl

I have been associated with GSL Advisory and Ed Lichtig over the last four years. It has been my experience that Ed is knowledgeable and very creative. Strategies, that he has developed, to place annuity business are unique to GSL. They are, also, unknown in the annuity marketing community.

Ed's ideas, strategies and advice have allowed me to place business that would have gone unplaced without his help.

Ed, is a good guy to work with.

Mike T,
Belmont, MI



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